The Oasis

The Battlefield:

In the center of Gryphon Bay lies the magical, Oasis. The Oasis, takes up one terrain piece. The rest of the scenery should be made-up of miscellaneous bungalows, cabañas, bars, and natural monuments…. really everything a paradise should have!


This scenario follows all the rules for Deployment, First Turn, Game, Length, and turn sequence as described in the Battle Royale Scenario. The following special rules apply:

Special Rules:

The Oasis:
While Gryphon Bay is a natural beauty, the real treat is the legendary Oasis. Believed to relieve all stress and worries, the Oasis is highly sought. For whoever holds the Oasis, can quickly refresh troops for their conquests.

At the end of the game, whichever army has the most models within the Oasis, can claim control (and victory) as the other armies start to believe the party is becoming lame with all the (insert race) ruining it for everyone else.

Lothorian Life-Guard:
At the start of each player turn roll a D6 for every unit the player has within the Oasis. On a 2+, no one has upset life-guards on duty and the party continues. On a roll of a 1, someone has messed up…bad. Move the unit 1 inch outside of the Oasis, as they have been escorted off the premises for bad behavior.

Party Favors:
With so many VIP’s, some things are bound to get left behind in Sir Jimmony’s “ Lost and Found”. At the beginning of the game, each player rolls a D6 and one character receives one of the items listed bellow as he has stumbled upon a treasure in the “Lost and Found”.

  • 1. Khemrian Sandals
    - Confers the Strider rule to the unit, as they are some pretty sweet sandals (they even have little wings on the side). However, at the start of every turn they must pass a Leadership test or take D6 Strength 1 “boo’s” (hits). You never wear socks with sandals…
  • 2. Clan Skyre Boombox
    - The unit that holds the Boombox will “crank it to eleven” at the start of each turn. The controlling unit doubles its movement as the unit bursts into dance. However, so powerful is the Boombox, the unit must pass a Stupidity test before moving in this way. You have to know your limits with a Boombox…
  • 3. Von Carstein’s Von Coppertone
    - The unit that holds the Coppertone becomes Immune to Flaming attacks, as no sun is strong enough to penetrate the thick sun block. However, the unit is at -1 BS for the game, as their hands become slippery with oil, should have just used aloe.
  • 4. Kislevite Ice Cream
    - The unit with Kislevite Ice Cream gains +1 toughness as the overwhelming cold numbs their senses. However, the unit is at -1 WS as the brain-freeze caused is so intense that concentration becomes difficult. Now THAT’S a Cold One!
  • 5. Dwarven Tiki Bar
    - What’s a party without Dwarven brew? And this was made special for Gryphon Bay! The unit that controls the Dwarven becomes Stubborn, as all fear subsides from the cool party drinks. However, due to excessive drinking, the unit moves in a random direction determined by rolling the scatter die. If a hit is rolled, follow the direction of the little arrow. They even have little umbrella’s!
  • 6. Chaos Party Confetti
    - The unit with Confetti will throw it into the air at the start of each turn. Center the large blast template over where you would like the Confetti to go. The Confetti then will then move in a random distance and direction determined by rolling the artillery and scatter dies. Anything under the unit gains Frenzy for the turn as they are showered by something only four party gods could make. On a Misfire, nothing happens as someone failed to properly toss the Confetti….lame…

Gork and Mork’s Hawaiian Shirt:

It’s hard being worshiped, but hey, they can be party animals too! During the game Gork and Mork’s Hawaiian Shirt is passed among the players. Whoever wins the roll-off for first turn starts with control of the Hawaiian Shirt. Every game turn, the Hawaiian Shirt will then move clockwise from player to player. Whomever controls the Hawaiian Shirt can choose to have one of the following rules take effect for the other players for the turn (the Hawaiian Shirt is immune):

“ It’s Also Known As The Shore of Jersey…..”
During each player’s turn they must begin with a terrible Italian impression or every unit the play has will take 3D6 Strength 4 hits distributed as shooting, as they have upset the random horde of native “Snookiis” that roam the land. Little fists of furry…

The Rapture Raptor
Each player must move their units as if they were a raptor (two fingers on each hand, roar is optional). Failure to do so will anger the party gods and each unit not moved in “The Raptor Way” is unable to move this turn. Do the Raptor!

Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor
Each player must do a little dance/ jig at the start of his or her turn. If failed, every unit the player controls will be at half their WS, as they look at their feet in embarrassment. The curse of being a wallflower…..

I Need a Pick-Me-Up
Each player must use a pick up line on another player at the beginning of his or her turn. Failure to do so means every unit that player has will move in a random direction declared by rolling the Scatter Die, as your warriors walk away to live their lonely, secluded lives. A case of the “Hermit Crabs”.

Don’t Drink the Water
Each player must go without drinking any beverage for the game turn. If a player fails to do this, roll a D6 for each model in each unit. On a roll of a 1, the model is turned into a skeleton and placed in combat with the unit, as the poisonous liquids take control of him. A really REALLY bad hangover…

“There’s Sand in My Shorts!”
Each player must shake his leg or legs as if he’s shaking the sand out of his trousers, while moving his units. If a player fails to shake his leg(s), he has unknowingly tried to smuggle some of the sacred spice of the area’s large tunneling worms. Place a “Sand Worm” (use the profile for a Black Hyrda from the rule book) immediately in combat with a random unit chosen by the controller of the Hawaiian Shirt. I controls the spice, I controls the universe!

The Oasis

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