The Battle of Giant's Fall

Date : November 9th 2014

Points: 2500

Generals : Prince Arunset, Torlömé, Ungrim Ironfist of Karak Kadrin, ArchMage Finwe Shadowheart, High Slann

Battle Type : Triumph and Treachery ( Center Ground)

Winner: ArchMage Finwe Shadowheart

Game Length: 3 Turns

Summary Sir Jimmony Buffet Called Emissaries from the 5 major armies that seemed to be invading his Paradise of an Island. He set the Meeting to be held on the Scree sloop. As Misfortune (or Luck) would have it talks quickly broke down and the 5 Emissaries quickly gathered Armies and Mercenaries and took to the field.

However Sir Jimmony Buffet Would not be deterred and Approached ever Army and tried to bring them back to the table. The elf Torlömé’s Emissary Seemed to be most willing to listen and took little part in the fighting, while the High Slann’s Emissary seemed to take great offense to ArchMage Finwe Shadowheart’s Emissary and much fighting happened between the two armies as the others looked on and made wagers.

As the Dust settled and Sir Jimmony Buffet Left the Negotiation table for the last time it appeared that ArchMage Finwe Shadowheart’s Emissary had put paid to the point that the 5 armies could not be turned away from the fighting they all planned to do in this Island Paradise.

Images: Aerial View

Game MVP/Goats

Tor Tirion High Elf MVP: Death Hag Heldi’s Bloody Corsairs

This Mercenary Unit Cast the High Slann’s Emissary down into the dirt and trampled his bodyguard. They more then earned their pay for the fighting

Tor Tirion High Elf Goat: BSB and White lions

After Handing one the the Scauris Units its head in combat the unit then was charged by a lowly skink on a Dino, They failed two Terror tests tried to flee back to the woods and where scattered from the field.

Undead Legion MVP: The Warsphynx

This was a hard one to choose. The Tomb Guard showed off how powerful they were when tested, and the 6-man chariot legion did a lot of damage, but it was the Warsphynx who felled the Giant guarding the center of the battlefield and subsequently ate an entire skink horde.

Undead Legion Goat: The Heirophant(again)

Arunset just can’t seem to find a good heirophant. His last two liche cult heirophants both overstepped their bounds, trying too hard to summon forth simple power, which ended in both being sucked into the warp. Time to find another one.

Hollison’s Vale High Elf MVP: Sgt.. Pepper’s Lonely Ogres Club Band

In a fashion contrasting to the rest of the complication and confusion on the side of Hollison’s Vale, the Ogre mercs charged right up the middle and successfully killed things, bringing in victory points. This band of ogres has earned some respect. They also play a mean tambourine.

Hollisn’s Vale High Elf Goat: Silver Helms and BSB

It is true that the task they were given was an extremely difficult one (charge the Tomb Guard head on and survive just one round, allowing the already positioned ogre mercs to rear charge) but they did a fairly good job until biffing several key rolls including armor saves that were only modified down to 4+ and failing that leadership test at LD 7 twice and fleeing. Certainly they tried, perhaps even made a valiant effort, but they failed. Looks like new leadership is needed in the banner bearing department.

The Battle of Giant's Fall

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