Death Hag Heldis Bloody Corsairs

Mercenary Captain: Death Hag Heldi

Heldi Is the Spiritual Leader of the Bloody Corsairs, A group of Dark Elf Corsairs that follow closely to their god of murder Khaine. With her Witch Brew Heldi Drives her Corsairs into an Ecstasy of Death and Destruction.

Mercenary Company: The Bloody Corsairs & The Unknown

The Bloody Corsairs have been Looting the Shores of the Gryphon Bay for years. Lead by their Death Hag these pirates take great Joy in Murder death and Violence more then they care about Looting and pillaging. Most often Taken on work from those that may not pay the most but have the most to offer in terms of Sacrifices to the Bloody handed god Khaine.

The Unknown is an Assassin of Khaine that is Heldi’s Personal Henchman. No one Truely knows who he is and this makes all the Corsairs look over their shoulders and tread lightly in hopes to not anger the Death Hag. The Unknown is no exception to the skill and Craft that all Dark Elf Assassin ply and the Corsairs are right to fear, as should all who dare Fall into the clutches of Heldi and the Bloody Corsairs.

Death Hag Heldis Bloody Corsairs

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