The Animosity Test rules as found on page 33 of the O & G PDF.

Animosity is represented by an Animosity test. This test is taken in the Start of Turn sub-phase during each of your turns, by every unit that is subject to Animosity, with the following restrictions:

Units only test if they contain at least 5 models.
Units engaged in close combat don’t test
Units garrisoning a building don’t test
Units fleeing or currently off the battle field don’t test

Roll a d6 for each eligible unit. If the dice roll is a 2 or more, the unit behaves normally this turn. If the roll is a 1 however the unit has failed its animosity test and must roll on the animosity table.

Character joining a unit that is subject to animosity are bound to the result of the unit’s animosity test.

When a unit fails its animosity test roll a d6 on the table and apply the result.

1 Get ‘Em: Inflict d6 S3 hits on the closest friendly unit that has 5 or more models, is subject to animosity, and is within 12". The victim then inflicts d6 S3 hits back. In both instances, Hordes inflict 2d6 S3 hits instead of just d6. Neither unit can charge or move in the movement phase, cast spells, nor shoot this turn. If the Victim has not yet taken an Animosity test, then it does not do so this turn. If there isn’t an Eligible Victim, the unit will Squabble instead (see below). Wounds caused by the get ’Em result never cause panic Tests.

2-5 Squabble: If it is possible to do so, the unit must declare a charge against the closest enemy unit in the charge sub-phase. If the unit is unable to declare a charge, then a rowdy squabble breaks out and the unit may not move in the Movement phase, cast spells nor shoot this turn.

6 We’ll Show ’Em: Pivot the Unit on the spot to face the nearest visible enemy unit, and then make a full (non-march) move in a straight line towards it. If there is no visible enemy, the unit must move straight ahead instead. If it is impossible for the unit to pivot to face the closest enemy, it will pivot toward it as far as it can, and will then move as far forward as it can while still keeping the enemy withing its forward arc. after the move is complete the unit must declare a charge i the charge sub-phase against the closest visible enemy unit, if it is possible to do so. If the unit cannot declare a charge then it may carry on with the rest of its turn normally, as if it had not yet moved this turn.


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