Sir Jimmony's Buffet's Gryphon Bay

The Shadow ways had a darkness hanging over them. Finwe thoughts had turned to this as he traveled the Hidden Paths of Tor Tirion. The darkness had nothing to do with the time that had passed since this trail to this far flung corner of the Elven kingdom had been traveled, but instead was something else noticed out of the corner of the eye and seem to cling to everything. Finwe know who was to blame for it, Nagash the Fool. For it was he that released the Wind of Death in Desperation without the power or knowledge to wield it. Finwe would like nothing better than to have been leading his Host against the Liche to cast him down for his arrogance and the crimes he had committed against the world, but Teclis had a plan for the Fool, a plan that would defeat two of the elves ancient enemies by playing them against one another. He had already started his plan into action by using the Pawn Manfred, the vampire had his uses, even for such a base and simple minded creature.

Finwe’s was pulled from these thoughts by the site that now came into view. It was the tower of Val, his Grandmother’s ancient study. This would serve as the Garrison for the Elves of Tor Tirion while they carried out Lord Teclis’s mission. The Study was a massive Tower reaching high into the sky, Hidden behind many illusions and wards that had keep it safe from plundering hands. The magic that had created it was still potent and Finwe could feel the bend and pull of the Winds even from this distance.



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