Sir Jimmony's Buffet's Gryphon Bay


News had come from the Loremaster Aram, “Negotiations” had ended in success. Finwe was still very concerned with how the messenger from this Jimmony Buffet had found the tower, and also know whom to address when requesting a meeting to “Discuss the incursion into his lands”. HIS LANDS! This upstart thought these lands belonged to him. Aram had show him how wrong he was with that assumption. The Blind old loremaster had played the Diplomat until the need for swords had come. He was a good choice to send for these kind of things. He know well the wishes of Finwe and had been a loyal retainer to the family for years. Finwe had sent Instructions for him to remain a field and scout and start to reclaim the lost lands of the Elves here. The Loremaster would succeed while Finwe made preparations to begin Lord Teclis’s Plan.



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